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Zilpah P. Grant Banister Papers

    Series A: Correspondence, 1822-1874

Series Description

Letters written by Banister are to friends, family, former students, colleagues, and administrators. Most early letters concern her activities at Adams Female Academy and Ipswich Female Seminary, including financial matters and religious teachings. Many letters are written to Mary Lyon concerning her teaching and eventually about Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. Later letters discuss her travels and poor health. Letters written to Banister are from various correspondents including Mary Lyon, Catherine Beecher, and Joseph Emerson. There are also letters from former students, often describing their teaching careers and their inability to repay loans.

Organization and Arrangement 

Series A is divided into two sub-series: 
  1. Letters by Banister, 1823-1874
  2. Letters to Banister, 1822-1872
Within each sub-series the arrangement is chronological.

Indexes and Summaries

The following indexes to Series A are available: In addition, selective summaries of the contents of letters are available with links to the letters they describe:

Folder Inventory

Sub-Series 1: Letters by Banister, 1823-1874
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Sub-Series 2: Letters to Banister, 1822-1872
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