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Ipswich, Sept. 3.  My dear Miss Grant,
    As I do not know how to direct to you at any other place, I send this to the care of Dr. Briggs.  I have heard from my dear sister several times since her arrival in England, and am hoping that she is now almost home.  She and dear Mrs. Trask were well, but rather tired - Mrs. Trask's eyes have troubled her much, and she does not write to her friends on that account.  They both desired a large portion of their best love to you.  They were expecting to sail for Boston the first week in August.  And now, how is my dear Miss Grant's health?  I hope you have devised some benefit from your journeyings.  In this summer. - Love to Mrs. Briggs if you please, and accept much yourself from your ever affectionate friend Mary
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