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finding aid
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You are very kind indeed to offer assistance in the way in which I have been repeatedly benefitted.  In your present state of health I cannot consent that you should give yourself trouble on my account.  Almost every article of clothing is useful and acceptable.  I have a comfortable supply this winter.  I am quite well furnished with light calico dresses, skirts, woolen hose & drawers.  I have just made [me?] a wearing quilt and have cut out some undergarments from some cloth which Miss Dixon, Dedham gave me last spring, through her mother's kindness.  I have been knitting hose.   

I need one or two dark calico dresses very much.  The found Merino dress which Miss C. gave me last spring will be very serviceable should I be in a school this winter.  It is too good for a home dress.  In answer to your question I will add, shd. you prepare a bundle for me you can write this direction to be left with Mrs. William Marshall

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No. 272 Washington St. Boston.  Care of Rev. James D. Farnsworth, Paxton, Mass.  Perhaps it wd. be proper to add To be kept until called for.  Mr. Marshall keeps a paper store.  But should you find employment for me which may [lead?] me to and from Boston, perhaps you can make such arrangements as to inform me when and where I may find it, even if it be several months hence.

finding aid