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--Generally, men and women should be educated in the same way. They should only be educated differently in cases where sex differences have hitherto been emphasized at the expense of individuality. 

--Both sexes should be made aware of the issues of sexuality as an important part of self-knowledge. 


Separation in the Curriculum 
--All courses should be for both men and women. --Women should be encouraged to diversify in their choice of courses. 

Additions to the Curriculum 
--Every possible course should include material relevant 
 to the issues of sexuality. 
--There should be a handful of courses whose primary content 
 has to do with sexuality. 
--Each year, one of the seminars on Human Development in 
 Division I should deal with the issues of sexuality. 

PAGE 131 

--There should be a three-unit course on Equal Rights that would include a unit on Women. 

--Any student should be able to build his or her "major" around the theme of sexuality. 

--One faculty member's time should be pliant enough to accommodate any student request for a special course in this area. 

Sex Information 

--Hampshire should let students take the initiative in this area. 


--The Hampshire librarian should be aware of the needs for material dealing with the issues of sexuality. He should begin to enlarge his collection in this area with a definite budget allocation. He should learn about his neighbors' resources in this subject area and should develop Hampshire's connection with theirs. 


--Hampshire should try to approximate equality in its sex ratio, 

--Hampshire should keep within the limits of 50:50-33:66: 

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--Hampshire should make some statement including the principles of equal rights to opportunity and free choice of roles in its regular publicity. 



--Whenever possible, the admissions interview should explore the applicant's reasons for attending a coeducational college. 

--Hampshire should aim for students whose ideas of sex roles vary. 

Special Students 

--Hampshire should admit older men and women as regular students. 

--Hampshire should accept married students. 


--In hiring faculty, Hampshire should consider their motivation and ability to deal with the issues of sexuality. 

--The Dean of the Faculty should meet annually with the faculty to talk with them about their attention to these issues in their classes and their counseling. 

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--There should be a Committee on Coeducation to support faculty responsibility in this area. 

Women Faculty 

--Hampshire should set out to hire a significant number of women faculty. 

--Women should form no less than one third of Hampshire's total faculty. They should be brought in at all levels. At least one dean should always be a woman. 

--Hampshire should hire women faculty who have a variety of life styles. 



--Hampshire should plan career counseling for its women. The counsel should begin at the beginning, however, by examining its own assumptions about women's need for a career. 

--Career counseling for women at Hampshire should always involve men also. 

--Counseling should emphasize long-term commitment and planning. It should begin in a student's first or second. year. 

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--Counseling should further emphasize the long-term by critically examining all types of work patterns. 

--Counseling should lead both women and men to consider whatever kinds of work fit their individual talents, without regard to their sex. 


--The over-all responsibility for career counseling for women at Hampshire should be with a woman faculty member, perhaps the chairman, of the Committee on Coeducation. 

--one principal mechanism for counseling should be a series of small, seminar-like sessions with professional women. 

--Additionally, there should be one or two conferences a year with a small group of professional men who are leading employers. 

--A third mechanism should be special arrangements for talks among the students themselves. 

--There should be one or two workshops a year dealing with labor relations. 

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Administrative Personnel 

--Hampshire should have a significant number of women in 
 high administrative posts. 
 Dean's Office 
 --If Hampshire has a Dean's Office to handle student 
  affairs, it should have a Dean of Students of 
  either sex with assistants of either sex but no 
  Dean of Men and Dean of Women. 
 --If Hampshire has a Dean's Office, it should bring 
  in a woman as its first Dean of Students. 
 Admissions Office 
 --Hampshire should have women in its Admissions Office. 
 Vocational office 
 --job recruiters who come to Hampshire should be required 
  to interview women for whatever jobs they interview 
  men for, and vice-versa. 

Other Personnel 

--Hampshire should have significant numbers of women among its trustees and all other lesser advisory groups in separate areas. 

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Degree Requirements 

--Hampshire should allow its women students who marry to satisfy requirements for its degree at another college. 

Employment Policies 

--Hampshire should not discriminate on the basis of sex in any of its employment policies. 

--Hampshire should provide a day care center for the children of all its female personnel. 


Residential Integration 

--Hampshire should begin with one residential unit for men, one for women, and one for both sexes. 

Residential Organization 

--Hampshire should place women as well as men in charge of residential units. 

Student Committee on Coeducation 

--The students should form their own Committee on Coeducation to parallel the faculty committee. 

Married Students 

--Hampshire should eventually provide housing on campus for married students. 

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Campus Activities 

--Hampshire should encourage joint participation in all its campus activities. 


--If Hampshire has an athletic program on its own campus, it should emphasize sports than men and women can play together. 


--Hampshire should try to make sure that a significant number of women speakers come to the campus each year. 

Special Events 

--Hampshire should sponsor a program with presentations and debate among various feminist groups and perhaps academics interested in women's affairs. 


--Hampshire should have some separate and some joint prizes, awards, and honors. 

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--Hampshire should keep its neighbors informed about its actions related to this report's recommendation, and should cooperate with them particularly in the areas of faculty hiring, counseling, the curriculum, and the library.