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Amherst College Coeducation Collection

    Series 1: General Materials

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Folder 1: General file Date: 
click to view Related Objects Inventory sheets n.d.
Folder 2: Chronologies
click to view Education/Women's Education in the Valley (The Amherst Student, 1868-1899) n.d.
click to view Auban Haydel and Kit Lasher
"Tweny Years of Women at Amherst"
click to view The Amherst Student
"Coeducation: the Story to Date"
1974 Feb. 14
Folder 3:  Retrospective views  
click to view "Amherst College: Title IX Self-Evaluation Report" 1976 July - August 
click to view The Amherst Student
"Amherst Women:  Coping with Frats,  Safety,  Athletics and the Other  Women"
1995 [Nov.?]
click to view Pages from the American Studies Department Scrapbook 1972 - 1985
Folder 4:  Retrospective views
click to view Amherst College Bulletin
"Amherst and Coeducation:  A  Summary"
1974 March
Folder 5: Institutional models for coeducation
click to view Hertzfeld, Kurt M. (Treasurer) to the Board of Trustees 1972 Nov. 29
click to view "The Further Consideration of Coeducation" 1974 Feb. 23
click to view "Model 1300 -- Coeducation" 1974 May 17
click to view "Model 1600 -- Coeducation" 1974 May 29
click to view "Model 2000 -- Coeducation" 1974 May 28
Folder 6: Exhibit: "We're Coed!" (arranged by Claudia Kalb '85 and Carmen MacDougall '85)
click to view Flyer for exhibit 1985 Feb.
click to view Photographs of exhibit 1985 Feb. 17-March 2
click to view Photographs used in exhibit n.d.
click to view The Amherst Student
"We're Coed!"
1974 Nov. 2
click to view [The Amherst Student ?] 
"Coeducation Presented"
click to view "I Remember Coeducation" by Bea Hartman '81 n.d.
Folder 7: Special events
click to view Flyer for panel discussion: "The Role of Women in Recently Coeducational Institutions" 1990 Dec. 7
click to view Flyer for "A Question of Place: Women at Amherst College" [1988? or 1994?] May 18

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